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The Canadian Progressive: Canada: Investment in Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Needed

Kathy Mallet says Indigenous peoples in Canada still suffer the effects of poverty, systematic racism, colonization, the sixties scoop and the residential schools experience, urges investment in Aboriginal early childhood development.

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Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Guest post: The Reserve Paradox (Part II)

[Guest post continued ...]

Aboriginal people in Canada today suffer from much higher rates of poverty, illness, dysfunction and incarceration than non-Native Canadians. Many non-Native Canadians believe that this is due to the Indian Act and the reserve system which set Aboriginals apart from other Canadians. When these non-Natives see protest movements like the Idle No More movement and

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Guest post: The Reserve Paradox (Part I)

Once again, I’m happy to lend over this space to my colleague Jared Milne. This time, Jared talks about the troubles that the Aboriginal community has been in for years — or in his words, “how the reserves and the Indian Act, which are seen as ways by which Native Canadians are supposedly clinging to their backward ways of life and preferring to rely on government handouts rather than work for

The Canadian Progressive: Half of First Nations children in Canada live in poverty, study finds

By: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | Press Release:

OTTAWA – Indigenous children in Canada are over two and a half times more likely to live in poverty than non-Indigenous children, according to a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and Save the Children Canada.

The study disaggregates child poverty statistics and identifies three tiers of poverty for children in Canada based on data from the 2006 census, which is the most recent data available on Indigenous child poverty:

The first tier has a poverty rate of 12% and excludes Indigenous, racialized, and immigrant (Read more…)

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Devolution for NWT — a start

I cannot agree too much with PMS’ agenda, but today he took a huge step forward in signing a tentative devolution agreement with the Northwest Territories and five of the region’s First Nations. It could come into effect as early as next year. Basically speaking, the territory will be able to operate more or less like a province in everything but name. I think that in some respects the

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Métis wuz robbed sez Supremes

Finally, one of the three pillars of Canada’s aboriginal peoples — the Métis — have won justice. They are owed a lot of money — perhaps ten billion or even more. And it’s because of one thing. Our constitution.

There’s one thing about constitutions. The way they’re drafted can leave a lot to interpretation. Some insist on an originalist viewpoint, that is interpret it only considering

Impolitical: An opposition motion worth supporting on missing and murdered Indigenous women

This motion is to be argued tomorrow in the House of Commons: Opposition Motion February 12, 2013 — Ms. Bennett (St. Paul’s) — That the House recognize that a disproportionate number of Indigenous women and girls have suffered violence, gone missing, or been murdered over the past three decades; that the government has a responsibility to provide justice for the victims, healing for the families, and to work with partners to put an end to the violence; and that a special committee be appointed, with the mandate to conduct hearings on the critical matter of missing and murdered Indigenous women

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Impolitical: Winnipeg Liberal leadership debate tomorrow

There was a lot of hullabaloo on twitter last night about the format of the Liberal leadership debate happening tomorrow in Winnipeg. But substance matters too: MP MURRAY REBUKES LIBERAL PARTY DECISION TO DROP INDIGENOUS ISSUES FROM WINNIPEG DEBATE

WINNIPEG – Joyce Murray, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra and candidate for the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada called on the Liberal Party to put Indigenous issues back on the agenda for Saturday’s debate in Winnipeg after a letter to the Liberal Party’s National President from the Aboriginal Peoples Commission was distributed to Leadership candidates.

“More Indigenous people

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Impolitical: Late night #IdleNoMore

Great moment at 1:45 mark where an eagle flying overhead an #Idlenomore rally in Vancouver is captured on film. Also, check out the 2:20 mark, but of course.

The Canadian Progressive: Theresa Spence Hunger Strike: Social Media Conversation on Day 19

It’s the end of Day 19 of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s indefinite hunger strike, taking place here in Ottawa. Spence started her peaceful protest on December 11, 2012. She’s demanding a meeting involving Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a representative of the Queen and First Nations leaders. She wants to discuss treaty agreements between Canada and First Nations, and READ MORE

The Canadian Progressive: Why does it take a hunger strike to gain media attention for Aboriginal issues in Canada?

Dana Wensley | Troy Media: The issue is one of of fairness As First Nation groups continue their protests against Bill C-45, what comes as a surprise to me is that it took so long to happen in Canada. In the lead up to Canada Day I noted that while other post-colonial countries like Australia and READ MORE

Impolitical: Navigable waters nightmare

Robin Rowland, a B.C. based journalist writes about an overlooked aspect of the omnibus Bill C-45, its drastic reduction of rivers, lakes and streams protected by the Navigable Waters Protection Act from 2.5 million to 159. This is one of the driving concerns underlying the Idle No More movement as these changes will affect aboriginal people who depend on water for hunting and fishing rights and basic access to clean water. As Rowland points out, this may also have further political ramifications for the Harper government: When the Harper government killed the controversial long gun registry, it claimed

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Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Guest post: [Belated] Reflections on Canada Day

Once again I am pleased to offer my space for a guest post and once again by Jared Milne. This time Jared addresses the very real issue of Central and Eastern alienation now that “The West Wants In” has become reality.


This past Canada Day, I was reflecting on some of the most interesting trends I’ve noticed over the last couple of years in Canadian politics. John Ibbitson has written

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Harper: Right about Iran, but on the tar sands and "outsiders" …

This week, the Prime Minister expressed aloud concerns many of us Canadian of all stripes have had either openly or privately – that Iran is a ticking time bomb with its nuclear program which without a shadow of a doubt has only one aim, to create a nuclear bomb that would threaten Israel. Meanwhile, the PM has been critical of “outside interference” in the debate over piping the oil sands

From a First Nation contrarian: Breaking the spell, a call for unification NOW |

From a First Nation contrarian: Breaking the spell, a call for unification NOW | Filed under: Aboriginal Issues, Media Fail., Progressives

Speaking of Journalistic Integrity

The CBC, specifically the author CBCNews (which makes me think this article was something written by a chief editor at CBC instead of an actual reported) had this to say about the speech that Attawapiskat Chief made at the biennial conference of the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa In a rambling but emotional speech [...]

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Channeling the Mad Man of the Airwaves

No sooner did a “third party” manager come to take control of the financial affairs of Attawapiskat than he was told to get the hell out of Dodge. Chief Theresa Spence must have channeled Howard Beale when she said that her band of 2800 Cree were “not going to taking it no more.” Surprised she didn’t add, “We’re as mad as hell.” Because the events of the last few days have been as

JimBobby Sez: ‘Twas just weeks before Christmas in Attawapiskat

Whooee! Well, friends an’ foes, I got me a new video an’ poem all about Attawapiskat. Here it is:

‘Twas just weeks before Christmas, when all through the land,Attention was aimed at a First Nation band;Canadians heard as they’d oft heard before,Of hardship and squalour so hard to ignore;Of children shivering cold in their beds,While visions of plumbing danced in their heads;And Ma in her parka, and Pa in his cap,Thought they’d had quite enough of this poverty crap,Then down south in Ottawa there arose a big clatter,MP’s rose in the (Read more…)

Mike Holmes’s Holme-run

Mike Holmes said it best regarding the housing crisis in Attawapiskat. We need to stop building crap. It’s as simple as that Couple this with the allegation that the Government knew of the problems in Attawakpiskat for several years. Retired Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl recounted to Evan Solomon on CBC’s The House: It was [...]

Impolitical: The PM’s not so bold meeting announcement

From the PM’s site: “PM announces meeting with First Nations early in new year.” Looking like an executive in charge, scheduling a major meeting to respond to the unfolding crisis in Attawapiskat. Except the word Attawapiskat doesn’t appear in the PM’s press release. Strange. Why not?

As noted by the Globe, this meeting was scheduled last year, in any event. It will only be his first meeting with first-nations leaders: The Prime Minister and the head of Canada’s largest aboriginal group have agreed to sit down together in late January to discuss ways to increase the social and

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Blast Furnace Canada Blog: The Attawapiskat Outrage

It is simply inexcusable that people should have to live in third world conditions in Canada. Yet that is how people in many First Nations (FN) communities across Canada do live. And it gotten so bad in Attawapiskat FN, Ontario — 694 km (432 miles) northeast of Thunder Bay, and which can only be reached by plane from places such as Timmins and Kapuskasing as well as Ottawa — a reservation

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Quick weekend thoughts (2010-10-02)

Quick whip of two items so let’s go:Good on the Supreme Court of Canada for ruling the Insite clinic in Vancouver does not run afoul of drug control policies; more technically that it does but to deny it a “constitutional exemption” would be a far wors… . . . → Read More: Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Quick weekend thoughts (2010-10-02)

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: (Provincial) election week in Canada

It would be nice if we did it as the States do — schedule all federal, state and local elections and by-elections such that they all happen on the same day (except in the case of death).    Would save a ton on multiple manual revisions of th… . . . → Read More: Blast Furnace Canada Blog: (Provincial) election week in Canada

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Enter stage right — WAY right — Rick Perry

Just as former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty — probably the only guy who’s close enough to the centre that he could actually beat Barack Obama in next year’s presidential race — withdrew his candidacy, current Texas governor Rick Perry announced he… . . . → Read More: Blast Furnace Canada Blog: Enter stage right — WAY right — Rick Perry

Blast Furnace Canada Blog: All the "easy" oil and gas may be gone, but still …

While most regions of Canada have imposed moratoriums on “fracking,” using jackhammers and / or high pressure water injections to get out natural gas, one province — British Columbia — is going, pardon the expression, full steam ahead and allowing ou… . . . → Read More: Blast Furnace Canada Blog: All the "easy" oil and gas may be gone, but still …