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My Seat Projections

Okay, just for fun I’m going to do this. I don’t have some crazy scientific method of figuring it out, I just go with my gut feeling – which has varying results. Interestingly you can see from my post here which was made on Election Day in 2008 that the estimates I made for the . . . → Read More: My Seat Projections

NDP Surge

The NDP vote is surging, especially in Quebec where all the other parties are losing support to the NDP, particularly the Bloc. The NDP is clearly ahead of both of the other federalist parties in Quebec and depending on what poll you look at they are either just behind or ahead of the Bloc. Bloc . . . → Read More: NDP Surge

Is Ted Morton’s Provincial Leadership Campaign Engaging in Third Party Advertising for Harper?

Over the last couple days I’ve noticed sponsored links popping up on Facebook showing Ted Morton’s support for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. These sponsored links lead to Morton’s Facebook fan page. I’m not really all that familiar with provincial and federal election finance laws, but the existence of these ads does make me wonder about . . . → Read More: Is Ted Morton’s Provincial Leadership Campaign Engaging in Third Party Advertising for Harper?

Edmonton-Sherwood Park Update

With the NDP membership in Edmonton-Sherwood Park nominating Mike Scott, an active member of CUPE Local 30 as their candidate for the next federal election (which could be happening as early as next week) it appears that all candidates are in place in the riding that hosted what was the second closest race in Alberta . . . → Read More: Edmonton-Sherwood Park Update

Random Pondering

With a federal election likely happening in the next few weeks, as well as the Alberta PCs and Liberals having holding leadership contests I figured now would be an interesting time to get back into blogging. I thought I would start with a few random thoughts and ponderings I’ve had lately that may at some . . . → Read More: Random Pondering