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April Reign: Psstt… Hey you! Ya You Poking Your Nose In Other People’s Wombs.. Come Here

April Reign

Here’s the deal. We get you like the fetuses. We get you want to hold them and pat and call them George. Well guess what? Now you can. Just steal borrow an ultrasound from someone you don’t know and have no business interfering with and have this company print out your very own fetus plaything! Hours of fun! Get yours today!

April Reign – In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

CuriosityCat: 3D Printing: The End of China’s Manufacturing Edge?

Mars probe component made by 3D printing

That grim phalanx of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party must be poring over research papers prepared for them, wondering how soon 3D printing descends upon the manufacturing powerhouses of the world, and wipes out their low-cost advantages. Take this article about one use of 3D printing, a result of the AMAZE cooperation:

Using traditional techniques to fashion metal objects often wastes precious raw material. Whereas additive manufacturing – building parts up layer-on-layer from 3D digital data – has the potential to produce almost “zero waste”. “To produce one kilo of metal, (Read more…) . . . → Read More: CuriosityCat: 3D Printing: The End of China’s Manufacturing Edge?

Things Are Good: 3D Printing for Peace

3D printing got a lot of attention recently because an American organization found a way to print a handgun. A direct reaction to that has been to launch a contest to promote the true potential of 3D printing by having a contest which encourages people to create designs that better the world.

It’s obvious that 3D printing isn’t inherently evil and that it can really shake up a lot of existing industries. Just think about printing your own replace parts for objects in your home or even printing food. Last year I put up a short primer on 3D printing (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Mama, Print Me Up a Gun

The incredible, printed assault rifle.  It’s not just good for six rounds any more.

Now the whole gun isn’t made through 3D printing.   The barrel, for example, is a true, metal component.   That doesn’t matter.   Barrels are just a machined, metal tube.   What is important is the “receiver” or the “action.”   They’re the moving parts that load bullets into the barrel, fire them and eject spent casings before reloading.   That’s the guts of a modern instrument of mass mayhem and that’s what you can produce with 3D printing.

The first attempt lasted just