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350 or bust: Extreme Weather Events Escalating Around the World

The HawkkeyDavis Channel on YouTube does an excellent job of compiling extreme weather events from around the world at regular intervals during the year. Here’s the end-of-the-year compilation for 2013. As the video’s description notes, this is not viewing for the faint of heart; all kinds of extreme weather events are escalating both in frequency […]

Things Are Good: Bill Gates Shares Some (More) Good News From 2013

Bill Gates is best known for his hyper capitalistic behaviour creating Microsoft, but since he left the company he’s trying to change that perception. Indeed, he has done good things for the planet since he left he company he once founded. Gates and his wife have created the Gates Foundation to improve the world. They have done great work in leading American philanthropy and also contributed greatly in the fight against malaria.

He is optimistic about the future and you should be too! He points out some good news in his 2013 year in reviews.

Child mortality went down—again. (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Alberta’s 13 most under-reported political news stories of 2013

Another aircraft takes off from Fort McMurray International Aerodrome loaded with CO2 captured from Alberta’s Athabasca bitumen sands. The gas will be stored in the basements of Russian buildings as part of a deal worked out through the province’s $2-billion “carbon capture” program. Actual Alberta carbon capture boondoggles may not operate exactly as described. Below: A Lethbridge student continues studying as hydraulic fracking operations take place next to her school; why is this doctor smiling? Hint: He runs a Family Care Clinic.

Soon it’ll be 2014 and the mainstream media can get back to doing what it does best: panicking (Read more…)

Trashy's World: E Day à Montréal!

Thinking of my bro-in-law this afternoon as the polls close in about 5 hours across Quebec. It’s municipal election time and Steve Shanahan will make a GREAT city Councillor! As well, Mélanie Joly will make an awesome Mayor! What a nice change from old white guys that will be. My wife just left Ottawa to […]

Trashy's World: Yeah, the weather is WAY too nice to work…

… I think I’ll prorogue work! Thanks Prime Minister Harper! Way to show leadership and initiative! I am taking your lead and proroguing until October. And like you Parliamentarians, I’ll continue to be paid, right? (7) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

The Scott Ross: Christy Clark Is Unstoppable

Christy Clark is unstoppable.

She became Liberal Leader with only the support of one MLA. Members of her caucus criticized her. 17 of them fearing defeat didn’t run for re-election. Practically every pundit and journalist thought Clark was going to lose and so did every single polling firm. But last night she won.

Not only did she turn around a failing election campaign, Clark turned around a failing party.

Her predecessor with an approval rating of only 9% was the least popular Canadian politician in the last 40 years. The poorly implemented Harmonized Sales Tax had mobilized over 700,000 British (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Another Thing Trudeau & Layton Have In Common

Justin Trudeau and the late Jack Layton have quite a few similarities, underestimation by Conservatives is yet another.

It wasn’t too long ago a certain inexperienced federal politician became leader of a third place political party. Though the son of a prominent politician1, in his early life he had not been immediately drawn to federal politics and instead chose a career of teaching. But with time this idealist realized that Canada deserved better than the “conservatives” in power and ran for his party’s leadership.2 He easily won it by a large margin on the first ballot… in (Read more…)

Walking Turcot Yards: Verdun, April 12, 2013

Can only remember this much snow a couple of times in my life this far into April and probably only in the last 15 years or so. My father was born on April 22 and he always said that his father claimed there was still snow in the backyard the day he was born. My dad would be about 73 before he ever actually saw any snow on April 22. Miss you, man!

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The Scott Ross: Trudeau, Soldiers With Guns, and Ironic Pride

In 2006 the Liberal Party was ashamed for accusing Stephen Harper of wanting to put armed soldiers on every street; yet somehow in 2013 Liberals are proud that their next Leader fondly recalls how his father actually did put armed soldiers on every street.

Two weeks ago Justin Trudeau was asked whether he could really defeat Stephen Harper, his response was, “Just watch me.”

The phrase was of course first his father’s. Pierre Elliot Trudeau had made the remark in answering a question of how far he’d go in reducing civil liberties during the October Crisis of 1970.


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Facing Autism in New Brunswick: World Autism Awareness Day 2013 Should Include Some Autism Reality

April 2, 2013 will feature another World Autism Awareness Day around the world.  Many blue lights will shine, politicians will pose and take credit for helping advance the cause of autistic persons and their families, countless media reports will talk about the gifts of autism and television series and movies alike will feature gifted individuals and autism, once again, will be portrayed for public consumption as the domain of brilliant if socially quirky personalities.  Little if anything will be said about the vast majority of those with autistic disorder who are limited by intellectual disability, or about  those who suffer (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Why Canada Needs An Elected Senate Just Like America’s

“Washington is broken.” – Barack Obama

Looking at the Canadian Senate in isolation might motivate many to question it, but compared to the American Senate, Canadians should be proud of their upper chamber.

Besides the fact that googling “Ottawa is broken” brings zero related results, the American Senate is so dysfunctional quite a few of its members, like former Senators Olivia Snowe and Evan Bayh, have actually quit, citing that the American institution is just too broken.

From the McCarthy hearings in the 1950s to bringing the world’s largest economy to the brink of collapse in the fiscal crisis

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bastard.logic: Happy Day-After-MBV-Day (Hmm — Must Polish My Shoes…)

Classic My Bloody Valentine to whet your appetite:

Head on over to to grab MBV, the LOOOOOOONG-awaited (and oft-delayed) follow-up to 1991′s seminal shoegazer classic, Loveless (assuming you haven’t already been sated, natch).

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The Scott Ross: Wynne-ing Like It’s 2006…And Losing Like It’s 2008

Today Ontario Liberals chose their next leader, but if 2006 is any indication, they might have just chosen their next loser.

Similarities between Kathleen Wynne’s recent victory in the Ontario leadership race and Stephane Dion’s in the federal Liberal leadership contest in 2006 suggest a just as similar electoral future.

Old, Tired Parties: It was just over seven years ago that the federal Liberals, after a long tenure in government and facing lagging poll numbers, held a leadership race with a crowded field of candidates. Starting in October of last year the Ontario Liberals did the exact same thing.


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Trashy's World: Resolutions for 2013…

… Before I have a second glass of Pinot Noir… – not be as critical of our Dear Leader and encourage all my friends to cut he and his Cabinet some slack. They’re trying really darned hard – not ridicule Tea Baggers and their ilk who are found south of the border. They think differently [...]

The Scott Ross: Trudeau, Harper And Canadians Lack Substance

Critics claim Justin Trudeau has no substance when it comes to policy, they fail to realize that neither does Stephen Harper, nor any other leader or party; not to mention the fact that Canadians increasingly don’t care.

This is not a defense of Justin Trudeau but an offence committed by Canadians.

Politics has increasingly become less about substance and more about public image. Though it is hard to believe, Stephen Harper did not win the 2006 election because of his marvelously complex and substantive five point plan, he won simply because he was not Liberal. He has retained government on

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