Progressive Bloggers // Blogues progressistes Thu, 29 Jan 2015 06:21:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Canadian Trends: Greece, central banks, and the real life idiocracy Thu, 29 Jan 2015 05:55:00 +0000 Richard I love the movie Idiocracy it was simply brilliant. If you haven’t seen it you really should. One aspect of the movie really marks a parallel to the events happening in Greece now though. *Spoiler Alert*.

In the movie the protagonist ultimately has to complete the mission of getting the plants to grow. The entire world has been suffering from a great dust storm and no plants will grow anywhere no matter what they try. He discovers the problem is that two hundred years or so ago the corporation Brawndo took over the FDA and was basically then able to say anything they (Read more…)

]]> 0 - Alberta Politics: Can Wildrose survive Rob Anders? Can floor crossers survive PC Party? Thu, 29 Jan 2015 05:01:30 +0000 Dave Cournoyer Initially turned away by Wildrose Party officials, controversial Conservative Member of Parliament Rob Anders has asked the Wildrose Party for a “waiver” to run for the party’s leadership. Having lost bids for federal Conservative nominations in Calgary-Signal Hill and Bow River last… Continue Reading →

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The Canadian Progressive: SHAME: Harper spend $700,000 fighting injured veterans’ justified lawsuit Thu, 29 Jan 2015 04:59:16 +0000 Obert Madondo The Harper government blew $700,000 fighting a Charter-based class-action lawsuit filed by former Canadian Forces members who were injured in Afghanistan.

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]]> 0 - Alberta Politics: Wednesday night candidate nomination update in Alberta Thu, 29 Jan 2015 04:00:12 +0000 Dave Cournoyer I have made the following updates to the list of nominees and nomination candidates planning to run in Alberta’s next provincial election. Please email david.cournoyer [at] if you have additions to the list. Thank you. Bonnyville-Cold Lake: City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland… Continue Reading →

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The Disaffected Lib: The Taliban Finally Have Something to Worry About – ISIS Thu, 29 Jan 2015 02:27:00 +0000 The Mound of Sound The Taliban have a new enemy, ISIS.  The Talibs figure ISIS is trying to take over their turf and, when former Taliban stalwart, Mullah Abdule Rauf Khadim, returned to Afghanistan after being released from Guantanimo, they took him down.[Rauf] recently joined the IS, a jihadi group which controls large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria, and has been leading hundreds of masked gunmen in northern districts of Helmand.

A Taliban commander in Helmand, wishing anonymity, told Pajhwok Afghan News they disarmed Rauf and his 45 gunmen and detained them on Wednesday in compliance with directives from the (Read more…)

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staffroom confidential: What could a Canadian Syriza do? Thu, 29 Jan 2015 02:23:00 +0000 Tara Ehrcke 0 The Disaffected Lib: That Salman Guy, the Saudi King Whose Ass We’re Lining Up to Kiss? Brace Yourself. Thu, 29 Jan 2015 01:38:00 +0000 The Mound of Sound Maybe we should just paint the ISIS logo on those armoured fighting vehicles we’re supplying to the Saudis.

An eye-opener in Foreign Policy magazine notes that, far from being the “moderate reformer” as our governments and media portray newly minted Saudi king Salman, he’s actually steeped in Sunni extremism.

Salman was appointed by his full brother and close political ally King Fahd to direct the Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SHC) upon its founding in 1992. Through the SHC, Salman gathered donations from the royal family for Balkan relief, supervising the commission until its until its (Read more…)

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Warren Kinsella: My tri-partisan nature is revealed on Sun News Wed, 28 Jan 2015 23:03:26 +0000 Warren

Going on @SunNewsNetwork with @LisaKirbie to say how amazing it is all #cdnpoli campaigns run by brilliant women – Telford, McGrath, Byrne.

— Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 28, 2015

]]> 0 This International Data Privacy Day, protect what you hold dear Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:40:14 +0000 Eva Prkachin

This piece is by Thomas Saczkowski and was originally posted in Rabble

On January 28, International Data Privacy Day, my thoughts will be with the people around the globe who are imprisoned because of their online actions, and I am reminded of the imperative precautions we must take in protecting our online identity. It has become clear in Canada that people need to become more vigilant about acquiring the necessary tools and knowledge to prevent the state from recording and documenting our online activities.

read more

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Canadian Trends: Silly citizens, NAFTAs are for corporations Wed, 28 Jan 2015 21:37:00 +0000 Richard NAFTA probe of Alberta’s tailings ponds blocked Representatives of the Canadian government, along with Mexico and the United States, on Tuesday passed a resolution behind closed doors to stop the Commission for Environmental Cooperation from looking into whether the federal government is failing to enforce the Fisheries Act. 

Two environmental groups and three private citizens had asked the commission to investigate whether tailings ponds were leaking into nearby rivers and creeks in northern Alberta. 

Allowing toxic material to get into water is against the federal Fisheries Act. The commission secretariat agreed last year there was a case, (Read more…)

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The Moncton Times@Transcript - Good and Bad: Jan. 28: How we got here.. Wed, 28 Jan 2015 19:57:00 +0000 Graeme Decarie

As a result, the whole world is (Read more…) ]]> 0 The Common Sense Canadian: Canada sued the most over trade deals, environmental protections Wed, 28 Jan 2015 19:22:58 +0000 Dr. David Suzuki Prime Minister Stephen Harper with then-Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao upon FIPA signing in 2012

In 1997, Canada restricted import and transfer of the gasoline additive MMT because it was a suspected neurotoxin that had already been banned in Europe. Ethyl Corp., the U.S. multinational that supplied the chemical, sued the government for $350 million under the North American Free Trade Agreement and won! Canada was forced to repeal the ban, apologize to the company and pay an out-of-court settlement of US$13 million.

Designed to protect corporations

The free trade agreement between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico was (Read more…)

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Stuart Mackinnon: BetterParks for Vancouver: Park Board Agenda: 2 February 2015 Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:46:00 +0000 Stuart Mackinnon Date: Monday, February 2, 2015 Time: 7:00 pm Place: Park Board – Boardroom 2099 Beach Avenue Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

PRINTABLE AGENDA  PLEASE NOTE: For more information, or for speaker registration, please call the Park Board Meeting line at 604-257-8158, or email: To register online: The Agenda is available on the Park Board website at: This information is updated in the week prior to the meeting. ROLL CALL AGENDA ITEMS 1. REPORT: Mount Pleasant Skateboard Facility Location 2. REPORT: (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Stuart Mackinnon: BetterParks for Vancouver: Park Board Agenda: 2 February 2015]]> 0 The Common Sense Canadian: Ease radioactive waste dumping restrictions, say North Dakota shale oil producers Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:45:53 +0000 Damien Gillis Trucking costs for radioactive waste in North Dakota’s Bakken oil field are too high, says the industry

Read this eye-opening Jan. 28 Reuters story on the push from North Dakota shale oil producers to loosen restrictions around the dumping of radioactive waste – a cost-cutting measure as prices for their resource plummet.

(Reuters) – North Dakota’s oil industry is pushing to change the state’s radioactive waste disposal laws as part of a broad effort to conserve cash as oil prices tumble.

The waste, which becomes slightly radioactive as part of the hydraulic fracturing process that churns up isotopes locked underground, (Read more…)

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The Disaffected Lib: The Hypocrisy is Blinding Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:35:00 +0000 The Mound of Sound Barack Obama cuts short his state visit to India, after lecturing his hosts on tolerance and women’s rights, so that he can kiss the slippers of the new Saudi king, Salman.

So, Barack, how do you explain that one?  “Sometimes we need to balance our need to speak to them about human rights issues with immediate concerns we have in terms of counter-terrorism or dealing with regional stability.”Okay, I get it.  The state that has had its sticky fingers in every major terrorist outfit from al Qaeda (Read more…)

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mark a rayner: Are you a famous writer yet? Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:14:34 +0000 Mark A. Rayner This flowchart may help you answer this “important” question: Alltop is a famous humor aggregator. Flowchart by electric literature

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tcnorris: How well is the Harper government really doing? Wed, 28 Jan 2015 18:12:00 +0000 tcnorris 0 Accidental Deliberations: Wednesday Morning Links Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:41:00 +0000 Greg Fingas Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Kate McInturff and David Macdonald address the need for an adult discussion about how federal policies affect Canadian families. And Kevin Campbell writes about the importance of child care as a social investment. 

- Vincenzo Bove and Georgios Efthyvoulou study how public policy is shaped by political budget cycles – with more popular social spending getting emphasized around election time, only to face a threat as soon as the vote is held. And Scott Clark and Peter DeVries identify a distinct increase in the smoke and mirrors being used by the Cons (Read more…)

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: CSEC Back In The News Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:17:39 +0000 John Klein Here’s an interesting bit of the process the NSA and partners are going about tracking your online activities so they can link everything you do that isn’t encrypted and disassociated from your IP address and social profiles online, to you personally. LEVITATION has been watching you, most certainly.

Every RT of #BellLetsTalk will be tracked by the #NSA & its partners like CSEC while Bell gives some money to assuage its corporate guilt.

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) January 28, 2015

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The Liberal Scarf: #BellLetsTalk about mental health in politics Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:57:00 +0000 William Norman Connecting back to my last post, today is a big day for online, hashtag activism: #BellLetsTalk day. For every tweet tagged with the hashtag, Bell will donate 5 cents towards mental health services.

It’s a good cause to raise awareness and start discussions towards mental health, but it is take a critical eye towards what is also a giant PR campaign for a huge teleco. I don’t discourage people from tweeting with the hashtag, but I also encourage people to find and share some people with critical views on it, and make sure that we talk about mental health (Read more…)

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cmkl: Families earning 30K-$60K to see least benefit from Tory income splitting plan Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:56:19 +0000 cmkl Well now I’m just shocked. The Globe has an item about some finance department documents Canadian Press unearthed via an Access to Information Act request Families earning $30K-$60K to benefit least from Tories’ family plan. Yes, the kleptocracy is here. And it’s now.

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: CPC Bounce Begone Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:39:00 +0000 bigcitylib Grenier notes that Nanos’ latest has some actual voting intention numbers rather than their typical index thing: Nanos’s weekly index report has voting intentions numbers in it: 35% LPC, 31% CPC, 24% NDP, 6% GPC, 3% BQ (pg 22)— Éric Grenier (@308dotcom) January 28, 2015

Here’s a cap from the NANOS website that shows the relevant trendline:

(Click on it to make it bigger.)

Pretty clearly the CPC “security bounce” has faded.  Whether it returns is probably more dependant on what happens on the home from than overseas.  I just can’t see Harper and Co., (Read more…)

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Scott's DiaTribes: Adam Vaughan, Scott Simms visit #Brant; charity walk response Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:11:02 +0000 Scott Tribe Last week, Liberal MP’s were out and about in Southern Ontario prior to the re-opening of the last session of Parliament before the next election, and in Brantford-Brant, 2 MP’s dropped by to visit with voters on issues and to support Danielle Takacs, Brantford-Brant Liberal candidate.

The first MP to visit was Adam Vaughan, MP for Trinity-Spadina, and the Liberal Urban Affairs and Housing Critic. He along with Danielle held 2 roundtables on the affordable housing issue – one with area stakeholders in Brantford-Brant, and a second one on affordable housing for students with Wilfrid Laurier Brantford campus student representatives. (Read more…)

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reeves report: Contentious Rouge Park Bill Passes Third Reading Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:05:24 +0000 awreeves Despite united opposition against the proposed National Urban Park, Conservative Bill C-40 passed third reading Monday. The legislation is now on its way to the Tory-dominated Senate for further review.

Orchard Trail in Rouge Park.

The passage of Bill C-40 in Ottawa earlier this week, creating the country’s first National Urban Park in Toronto’s Rouge Valley, is not the cause for celebration a large number of its proponents hoped it would be.

Many of the countries leading environmental groups — including Ontario Nature, Environmental Defence, the David Suzuki Foundation and Friends of the Rouge Watershed — lamented the fact that in (Read more…)

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Morton's Musings: Use of rejected alibi to show guilt Wed, 28 Jan 2015 15:34:00 +0000 James C Morton R v Avalak, 2015 NUCJ 04:

[33]  The Crown asks that I go further and find that the accused fabricated an alibi and that such a fabrication should be taken as consciousness of guilt. In my view, the law does not allow me to do so in this case. The law on alibi evidence is set out concisely in the following quotation from the Supreme Court of Canada in R v Hibbert, [2002] 2 SCR 445, 163 CCC (3rd) 129, at para 67 of the CanLII reported decision:

Before turning to the application of the proviso in light of the above, (Read more…)

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