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Add our buttons to your site

We have some buttons/graphical links for you folks to add to your site – whether you might be an affiliate, or someone who likes our site and would prefer to spiffy up a link from a dull text link.


All affiliates who had already posted buttons on their site will have to update their HTML code for the relevant button to the code below, as the coding for these are now changed.

Your choice of buttons are the standard size bilingual button:

<a href=""><img src="" width="175" height="40" /></a>

– The small English button:

<a href=""><img src="" width="80" height="15" /></a>

– The small French button:

<a href=""><img  src="" width="80" height="15" /></a>

The small bilingual button:

<a href=""><img src="" width="80" height="15" /></a>

We are presently working on re-activating the automatic Progressive Blogger “list” that worked with Javascript or HTML. External post voting from your blog is also being restored.