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A Little Juxtaposition on Trade

Canada isn’t the only country the EU has been negotiating a comprehensive trade and investment pact with, parallel talks have been ongoing with India on a remarkably similar deal. So I’ve found it interesting to look in on those discussions from time to time for comparison purposes. It seems there is one significant difference  between the two and that is that India is driving a much harder bargain with the EU than our government has.

EU trade talks with India have stalled as India attempts to protect it’s auto sector and is reluctant to cede on EU demands for increased patents and access to government procurement, all of which Harper and his cabal seem to have no concerns about giving away in their zeal to see CETA come to fruition. Granted India is in a stronger position than we are as the EU needs and covets access to the Indian market,as for Canada not so much.

In fact Harper is all too willing to give the EU virtually everything they want, which is of no surprise as our government is among the most rabid of neoliberals on the planet. So in the end it appears there will either be no EU/India deal or one that is more favourable to India than the one Canadians will be stuck with.

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