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Rob Ford: Help! Call 911! Marg Delahunty is after my body!

Marg to cop, "Where's a man when you need him?" Cop, "Obviously not here, m'am".

Too fucking hilarious. No wonder Conservatives are so afraid of the CBC. Marg Delahunty’s on the prowl. (Video here.)

“There was a lady dressed up and she was screaming my name: ‘We got you Rob Ford, we got you,’” Ford said, adding that his six-year-old daughter was frightened and went back into the home.

Ford said he went back into his house and called 911.”I didn’t know who they were and obviously I’ve had death threats and there was a camera and a mike,” he said.

“I’m open to the media, but when you come to my private house early in the morning and ambush me, I think that crosses the line.”

Conservatives. What pussies! And hiding behind a six-year-old daughter. That crosses the line.

UPDATE: In further courageous Con news, this:

You see, that’s the ‘liberal media’ to the conservatives – 4 cons (incl. two Quebecors) to 1 CBC rep. Any fewer Tory types would be too intellectually unfair.

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