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On July 1, Conservatives booted CBC 75th anniversary tribute for a couple of Britwits

"Oh say dear Kate, you may want to have that growth on your head checked out."

Ah Conservatives, so in love with our country. Not! Preferring to honour war and celebrate a couple of brainless twits from some other country, rather than honour Canada’s national news and entertainment network with 75 years of service under its belt, the Conservative party celebrated Conservative torture enabling and genuflected to monarchy while slicing and dicing our own heritage on Canada’s day of all days, Canada Day.

I don’t suppose the humour-impaired James Moore and co. resisted the CBC for things like this. No, rather the party refuses to acknowledge the CBC exisits. Why, because the network is not Sun News, kowtowing to every wish and directive sent directly from the PMO. Plus the CBC has always been somewhat irreverent, something Fox News North will neverever be to the Conservatives.

You can see where this is all leading. Former Harper aide Kory will soon be head of a new ‘state broadcaster’, CBC will be gone, and any resistance to or jokes about our dear leader will soon be as kaput as the Berlin Wall.

Cross posted at Let Freedom Rain.

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