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An affiliate blogger of ours can use our (and your) help.

I wanted to post this to our frontpage. Alheli Picazo has been a blogging affiliate of ours for a fair # of years, though she has gone in fits and spurts.. and this is partially due to her health issues she has suffered. Those have come to a head, as you’ll see here in her own words, explaining what is going on with her health.

To be brief, she needs help financially to help pay for the operation to fix the issues she has faced, so if you can spare even a few dollars, it will go a long way. Please consider donating to help her.


The Disaffected Lib: The Generals are Talking – That’s Rarely a Good Thing.

The top brass is getting restive and they’re looking for a bit of mass mayhem.

This might be news to you but Russia has an Academy of Geopolitical Problems. The president of the academy, Konstantin Sivkov, wears a uniform with the insignia of a three star general.

Comrade Sivkov thinks he has an answer to NATO’s steady encroachment right up to Russia’s doorstep – America’s backyard – the San Andreas Fault and Yellowstone national park to be specific.  He thinks that all Russia has to do is pop a good size nuke into the fault and another into Yellowstone and (Read more…)

Morton's Musings: Waiting for service?

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: What’s New for Those Give and Receive Personal Support Care at Home

In my last blog post, I described the problems that make working conditions for personal support workers very, very difficult.  I described the challenges for clients who need personal support services, as well. The Problems: ·      Low pay ·      Clients need many hours of support over long periods, so can’t afford the care they need ·      Personal Support Workers, or PSWs can’t afford to insure themselves privately ·      PSWs have few opportunity for regular, full-time work


Carol and Rod MacDonald are Canadian social entrepreneurs based in Toronto.  Together, they created (Read more…) . . . → Read More: THE CAREGIVERS’ LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: What’s New for Those Give and Receive Personal Support Care at Home

Morton's Musings: A frolic of his own

Battistoni v. Thomas, [1932] S.C.R. 144: On the other hand, if the unauthorized and wrongful act of the servant is not so connected with the authorized act as to be a mode of doing it, but is an independent act, the master is not responsible; for in such a case the servant is not acting in the course of his employment, but has gone outside of it. He can no longer be said to be doing, although in a wrong and unauthorized way, what he was authorized to do; he is doing what he was not authorized to (Read more…)

Northern Reflections: Don’t Call It The Conservative Party


In Canada, Conservatism means Confrontation. It’s not about respect for institutions or the rule of law. It’s not about wise economic management. It’s about focusing on “the other” and destroying him or her. Lawrence Martin writes:

It’s not just Mr. Harper who equates conservatism with confrontation. There’s his new Defence Minister. Many commentators, myself included, have written flatteringly about Jason Kenney over the years; super smart, tireless worker, more inclined to fact than fiction. But more recently, he has come across as (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: Who leads Canada’s progressives?

Canadian media are a lazy bunch. They follow the paths of least resistance and false assumptions. Take this past week when some supposed progressives were gathered at the Broadbent Institute in Ottawa for its Progress Summit. The one question that was never answered was ‘Who were the Liberal Progressives at the gathering?’

Ed Broadbent never invited this progressive Liberal. Nor would this Liberal attend. This is not sour grapes. We know that Ed Broadbent is not progressive nor are the sponsors of the meeting. Ed Broadbent is a staunch unionist with a closed mind. He believes in the collective (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Liberals, leaders, lackluster-ness

From that Ivison column Grits are passing around:

The Liberal sense of manifest destiny has taken a hit with a new poll that suggests the party has less than 30% support — a drop of nearly 10 points in six months. …the trend in all public surveys is the same — a gradual down-tick in support since the terror attacks in Ottawa and Quebec last October. There are more than a few nervous Nellies in the Liberal Party now, who are wondering whether the message needs to be tweaked, or whether a freshening up on the staffing front is required. (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Bubble Burst – The Physics of Space Battle

Star Wars Episode III had some great moments, the Battle of Corsucant is one of them. John Williams expertly set the scene, the base drum setting the martial tone early.

Thank you Star Wars for a dramatic rendition of what space battle might be like. Unfortunately, it resembles nothing of what it would actually be like.

Sadly Battle Star Galactica is closer, but ultimately in the same boat. Aw Frack. :/ Okay Science…do your worst.


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Warren Kinsella: The emperor wears no clothes, but the kids bow to him anyway

Driving in with Son Two, Arcade Fire’s ‘Ready to Start’ comes on. I personally think Arcade Fire are insufferably pretentious/precious, and Win Butler makes Billy Corgan seem shy and retiring. But this remains a great pop song, and that line in the middle corresponds to my view of quite a bit of politics, these days.

All the kids have always known That the emperor wears no clothes But they bow down to him anyway

Things Are Good: A Video Series That’s Fighting Obesity

The obesity problem in North America keeps growing larger and it’s within all of our interests to ensure that we trim the fat. An online video series directed at kids is making a difference. The Adventure to Fitness series educates kids about animals, geography, and other fun things while keeping kids moving. This is really great because any parent or teacher can use the series to bring more activity and learning into a kid’s day.

According to Dr. Jenny Delfin, the Adventure to Fitness medical advisor and a cardiologist at New York University Langone Medical Center, the program’s effectiveness (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Stick to your day job, big guy

Just as the Cons make use of their leader’s artistic expression to fundraise, so too do the Libs, now.

Stick to your day jobs, fellas. If this keeps up, Tom Mulcair will start belting out show tunes in Question Period.

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Monstrous and Obscene Day of War

It couldn't have been a more deeply disturbing sight. A pumped up Stephen Harper soaking up the applause of his wildly clapping and cheering Cons.With a weird smile on his face.Even as he prepared to vote to send our troops into a bigger and more dangerous war. Read more »

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The sky is falling. Or not. #nlpoli

First they claimed the budget consultation would be way later than usual.

So your humble e-scribbler worked it out. 

Turns out it wasn’t later than usual.

Then they said the budget would be way later than usual.

End of April or early May? 

Turns out that while the budget usually shows up around the end of March,  the Tories brought down two back-to-back budgets in April a few years ago.

Premier Paul Davis tied the provincial budget to the federal one and last week the feds started talking about a budget in May. 

Then there’s the Doom and Gloom forecasts of every public sector union in the province.  The Conservatives are going to sell everything,  cut the rest, and fire everyone else.

(Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why are the Generals Covering Up For Jason Kenney?

The only thing more disturbing than having an incompetent Cold War chickenhawk like Jason Kenney posing as a Defence Minister, and lying like a thief. Over and over again.Is having Canada's top general, running behind him with a shovel.To scoop up his manure, or as David Pugliese writes, dig him out of a bomb crater of his own making. Read more »

Parchment in the Fire: What is Behind the Collapse of the Centre Left Parties in Europe?

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Parchment in the Fire: The Rise of Podemos (3/3)

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Parchment in the Fire: The Rise of Podemos (2/3)

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Andy Lehrer's blog: Quote of the day

There are two types of people those who divide people into two types, and those who don’t. – Edward A. Murphy, Jr. Globe and Mail: The government needs to go back to the drawing board on C-51

Canadians deserve better than weak amendments to a fundamentally flawed secret police Bill.

Article by Kent Roach and Craig Forcese

We must exercise caution in judging the government’s amendments to its security law, C-51. We have received what appears to be the official government language. There is some good, some bad and much that remains ugly.

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DeSmogBlog: Alberta’s New Head of Climate Change Plan, Diana McQueen, Blows Smoke While Province Fails to Act

“We will continue to have a strong economy while meeting the 2020 [climate] targets … and we will meet those.”

It was a bewildering statement, like something out of a poorly scripted political drama. The idea that within the next five years, Alberta — the province responsible for over 35 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 — would meet its emissions targets would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

But that’s what was said.

And by Diana McQueen, a former minister of environment, no less. By the very person who’s now leading the revision (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: DeSmogBlog: Alberta’s New Head of Climate Change Plan, Diana McQueen, Blows Smoke While Province Fails to Act

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Two New Ukulele Reviews

I just added two new reviews to my ukulele site: the Kala Eight-String mahogany tenor and the Vorson Electric, solid-bodied, steel-string tenor. You can find the site here with all the reviews and other information: Or jump directly to the new reviews themselves: Kala Eight String Vorson Electric

Accidental Deliberations: #prgrs15 Wrapup

As readers may have noticed in my earlier posts, I had the opportunity to attend the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit 2015. And as a whole, the summit was well worth attending, featuring a wide range of interesting speakers and topics, a strong turnout including plenty of people whose work is influencing my own blogging, and a well-designed schedule which packed plenty into just a few days. (On that front, the contrast to a convention which needs to fit in formal party business was striking – though there’s still something to be said for being able to have direct and official (Read more…) CBC: You won’t believe why Bell blacklisted this teenager’s phone

Well folks, it looks like Bell is at it again – and they’re taking price-gouging to new lows. They’re abusing their power to push Canadians into buying new phones instead of used ones – and are going as far as unfairly disabling phones.

Article by Kathy Tomlinson

A Montreal father is taking on Canada’s largest telecom, after Bell blacklisted his teenager’s phone — not because it was reported stolen, but because the original buyer didn’t pay Bell for the device under contract.

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B.C. Policy Perspectives: Why the NDP Has the Best Position on C-51


I cannot recall any  party ever getting  elected nationally by bragging about the number and quality of its lawyers.  Nevertheless, the record of our current government has been a perfect illustration of what the lack of legal knowledge and procedural values can lead to: the waste of time and money that went into legislation that was bound to be struck down, as evidenced by the  Supreme Court’s reversal of the Onsite Clinic closure; the Court’s unanimous rejection of several criminal justice reforms that obviously violated the Charter; and the incredible mess that was the Fair (Read more…)

Northern Insight / Perceptivity: Chomsky on media

What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream, Noam Chomsky, Z Magazine, October, 1997

Part of the reason why I write about the media is because I am interested in the whole intellectual culture, and the part of it that is easiest to study is the media. It comes out every day. You can do a systematic investigation. You can compare yesterday’s version to today’s version. There is a lot of evidence about what’s played up and what isn’t and the way things are structured.

…The real mass media are basically trying to divert people. Let them do something else, but (Read more…)