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DeSmogBlog: Not at Home on the Range: Subsidized Fracking Hits Colorado

This is a guest post by Paul Thacker, originally published by Oil Change International.

A general contractor in Colorado’s Grand Valley, Duke Cox says the first time he became aware that drilling for gas might be a problem was back in the early 2000s when he happened to attend a local public hearing on oil and gas development. A woman who came to testify began sobbing as she talked about the gas rigs that were making the air around her home impossible to breathe.

“There were 17 rigs in the area, at that time,” Cox says. “And they were across (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Is Obama Bombing the Right Targets?

Maybe Obama needs to expand the target list for his bombers trying to thwart Islamist extremists in Iraq.  Why not bomb a few royal palaces in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf states?  These crown princes and sheikhs unleashed Sunni outfits like Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda and lavishly funded them for years. Many believe they’re still funding them under the table.

What sanctions are being imposed on these prominent Arabs by the West?  None. Why not?  Because they’re our friends, supposedly.  Or at least they sell us oil and buy our weapons.  But what kind of friend supports Wahhabists (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Conservatives to Trudeau: you don’t have the judgement to lead

The Harper Conservatives may already have convinced themselves that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lacks “the judgement to lead” to lead Canada.

The post Conservatives to Trudeau: you don’t have the judgement to lead appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Disaffected Lib: Could Harper Deploy Troops Against Canadians?

I was taken aback by a post from Geoff Kennedy at Parchment in the Fire entitled, “EU Advisors Advocate use of Military Against Strikes and Protests | Global Research.”

The thrust of this report is that military forces should be employed to defend the interests of the extremely wealthy from unrest among the masses.  The key author was professor Tomas Ries, currently with the Swedish Institute for International Affairs.  Geoff writes:

Ries sees the central threat to “security” in a violent “conflict between unequal socioeconomic classes in global society,” which were “in vertical asymmetric tensions in the global (Read more…)

DeSmogBlog: General Honoré, Enviro Groups Call for Strengthening EPA’s Proposed Refinery Pollution Standards

Millions of people living near refineries will be directly affected by a long awaited updates to regulations the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed for oil refineries. Their new proposed rule includes a reduction of flaring, monitoring benzene emissions, and upgrading emission controls during the crude oil refining process.

“We need 21st century monitoring devices for fenceline communities,” former General Russel Honoré, founder of the Green Army, a coalition of environmental groups and concerned citizens fighting against pollution, told DeSmogBlog. “The new rules the EPA has put forth still don’t require that. Industry’s objective is to reduce liability, because they want to avoid liability. They don’t want good monitoring,” (Read more…) Government proposals on wireless broadband are positive step forward for rural Canadians

eblast_indieISP_sidebar.png is welcoming Industry Canada’s announcement that it will speed up the process of issuing 3500 MHz spectrum licences for wireless broadband services in rural areas. The community-based organization says this is positive news for Canadians living in regions typically underserved by Big Telecom conglomerates. The government also announced it will not renew the spectrum licences of providers who fail to deliver services.

“Every Canadian should be able to access reliable, affordable broadband Internet,” said spokesperson David Christopher. “It’s good news that the government plans to crack down on telecom companies that hoard valuable wireless (Read more…)

THE CAREGIVERS' LIVING ROOM A Blog by Donna Thomson: The Film ‘Boyhood’: Reflections on Holding On and Letting Go

A date night with my husband Jim doesn’t happen often.  We have fallen into our habits of cooking dinner together, followed by reading or watching a British television drama.  Sometimes, though, a movie or play catches my eye and I peek out of my turtleshell long enough to organize an escape from my comfy chair at home.

This week, we saw Richard Linklater’s new film, ‘Boyhood’.  I’d seen the word ‘masterpiece’ attached to the project, but it was the idea of a film being made about a boy growing up over twelve years that captivated me.  At first, Mason (Ellar (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Cowichan River Water Quality Advisory Lifted

Nice to read good news from time to time. The concern over drought conditions that threatened our cowichan River was troubling and Don Bodger’s report is a comfort.

By Don Bodger-Cowichan News Leader

The water quality advisory for recreational use on the lower Cowichan River has been rescinded.

The advisory was put in place Saturday for the area of the Cowichan River downstream from the Allenby Road bridge to the mouth of the river. That’s an approximate six-kilometre stretch.

According to Val Wilson of Island Health Communications, samples of the river taken on Monday demonstrated it had returned to its (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Hey, everyone

What I sent to @johntoryTO. No response. In Boston with my kids to see #RedSox. Best to all back in #topoli. Tory too.

Cathie from Canada: Ridiculous

Doesn’t Canada’s official languages commissioner have better things to do than investigate John Baird’s tweets?

Is this the goal, to make the commissioner’s office look ridiculous and trivial?If so, they’re succeeding.

ffibs: Harper Northern Tour Caption Winners

Thank you to all those who entered.

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Eh Types: No Surrender

Anyone who plays chess, as I like to pretend I do, knows there comes a time when surrender is the only strategy left to you. Having matched wits with your opponent and found yours lacking, knowing defeat is inevitable you lay down your King and concede. That happens at the end of the game though, […]

The Common Sense Canadian: Biologist documents blue film on Quesnel River following Mount Polley spill

Independent biologist Alexandra Morton has documented the appearance of a mysterious blue film on the surface of Quesnel Lake and the Quesnel River. Morton has been surveying the region’s aquatic systems – taking water samples, video and photos – in the wake of the Mount Polley tailings spill.

She posted the above video and below photos on her blog yesterday. Taken in the town of Likely, at the northwest tip of Quesnel Lake and mouth of the Quesnel River, Morton says the images correspond with an earlier sighting of the same film on another portion of the lake the day before. “It was visible wherever (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: NEB sides with Kinder Morgan, but company must respect Burnaby’s bylaws

Read this August 19 Canadian Press story via on the latest chapter int he ongoing battle between pipeline builder Kinder Morgan and the city of Burnaby.

The National Energy Board has sided with Kinder Morgan in a dispute with the City of Burnaby over access to Burnaby Mountain.

The company can proceed with necessary studies of its preferred pipeline route through the mountain without the city’s consent.

In a decision released Tuesday, the National Energy Board confirmed that under federal legislation the company doesn’t need permission to access the land that is home to Simon Fraser University and a vast nature preserve.

“It (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your news links for today:

Ottawa warned its wireless plan for cities may hurt rural Web access – BNN News For German, Swiss Privacy Start-Ups, a Post-Snowden Boom – WSJ How to Save the Net: Break Up the NSA – WIRED How to Save the Net: Don’t Give In to Big ISPs – WIRED Netflix is now paying Time Warner Cable for direct access and faster streams – Gigaom Lawmakers Ask FCC to Preempt States on Municipal Broadband Bans – Motherboard Why thermal imaging looks like the next hot smartphone feature – BGR Gigabit broadband speed spreads throughout state – (Read more…)

Parchment in the Fire: EU Advisors Advocate use of Military Against Strikes and Protests | Global Research

EU Advisors Advocate use of Military Against Strikes and Protests | Global Research.


Experts at a European Union (EU) think-tank are demanding that the EU prepare to put down strikes and protests with military force. Due to the deepening social inequality in a globalised economy and growing military conflicts within the EU’s borders, such outbursts will inevitably increase.

In the study by the European Union Institute for Security Studies, the authors bluntly state that in the face of these developments, the army will have to be used increasingly for policing duties to protect the rich from the anger of (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- David Leonhardt offers a revealing look at the relative priorities of wealthier and poorer regions of the U.S. And Patricia Cohen discusses the disproportionate effect of inequality and poverty on women: It’s at the lowest income levels that the burden on women stands out. Not only are they more likely than men to be in a minimum-wage job, but women are also much more likely to be raising a family on their own. “Inequality is rising among women as well as men, but at the bottom, women are struggling with some dimensions (Read more…)

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: Are the New Conservative Election Fraud Plans Going up in Smoke?

In April of this year, an ambulance was called to 24 Sussex Drive, after a teenage girl had consumed too much alcohol. No charges were laid, despite the fact that she was underage.

The occasion was a birthday party for Stephen Harper’s son Ben, and the official response was that the Harpers were just a normal family. Yes, apparently all normal families ply teenagers with enough alcohol, that they have to be rushed to hospital, apparently suffering from alcohol poisoning.

(The image above is our Justice Minister Peter MacKay and his beer bong)

However, rather than using this as an (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: If LPC anticipates early election call, let’s get candidates nominated sooner, not later

The story in the Star yesterday – the Liberals are preparing for Harper to call an early Spring election, much earlier then he needs to:

Trudeau told reporters the Liberals are preparing for the possibility that Prime Minister Stephen Harper may call an election much earlier than October 2015, the legislated date for the next federal vote.“Mr. Harper has not once followed his own fixed-election-date law in the setting of elections, so I think it’s only prudent to try and make sure that we’re going to be ready,” Trudeau told reporters.

I agree with that sentiment, and that is (Read more…)

DeSmogBlog: Big Rail Cites Bin Laden, Al Qaeda to Fend Off Oil-by-Rail Route Transparency

While many states around the U.S. have released information to the public about the frequency and routes of trains carrying oil obtained from hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale basin, holdouts still remain.

Why the delay? Homeland security concerns, claim some companies.

In an ongoing Maryland court case over the issue of transparency for in-state oil-by-rail routes, a July 23 affidavit from Carl E. Carbaugh — director of infrastructure security for Norfolk Southern — goes into extensive detail about the supposed risk presented by terrorism attacks on “Bomb Trains.”

In so doing, Carbaugh mentions Al-Qaeda. (Read more…)

cartoon life: Another sleeping cat

After days, finally, a drawing.

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Miss Vicky's Offhand Remarks: A Challenge: Support SWCHC

Have you made a donation to the Somerset West Community Health Centre capital campaign yet? The new branch at 30 Rosemount opens next month. This is the outcome of a longstanding campaign to improve access to front-line health care and social services in our neighbourhood. It took a lot of work to find the right space and to secure the necessary approvals and government funding, but we also need the community to kick in.

Miss Vicky is donating. How about you?

You don’t have to give a lot; every little bit helps. But if you do want to kick in (Read more…)

Things Are Good: Live in the Now, Plan for Your Future Self

There are many things that make one happy, but what if our fundamental approach is wrong? Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert looks into other ways of thinking about happiness and the overall take we have on our self.

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” Dan Gilbert shares recent research on a phenomenon he calls the “end of history illusion,” where we somehow imagine that the person we are right now is the person we’ll be for the rest of time. Hint: that’s not the case.

Wise Law Blog: 140 Law – Legal Headlines for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Wednesday, August 20, 2014: Heavy Meta: Maine Man, 19, Poses For New Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of His Old Mug Shot Julian Assange will not leave embassy until assured there will be no US extradition Report into deadly Lac-Mégantic, Que., train derailment finds ‘weak safety culture’  Court Reduces Notice Period, Employee Should Have Known Better Why law firms need R&D investment Justice of the peace Alfred “Budd” Johnston suspended for dismissing 68 cases at once  Georgia judge to sex abuser mom: ‘You may be the (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Wise Law Blog: 140 Law – Legal Headlines for Wednesday, August 20, 2014