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Alberta Politics: There’s no way the Broadbent Institute should have hired a high-profile strikebreaker to moderate a panel on Alberta’s election

PHOTOS: A striker, at right, confronts a security guard during one of the dark days of the 1999-2000 labour dispute at the Calgary Herald. Below: Calgary Herald political columnist Don Braid and Broadbent Institute Executive Director Rick Smith. I was genuinely shocked when I learned a few days ago that the Broadbent Institute is about […]

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In-Sights: Horgan speaks to the Premier

Hansard, May 28, 2015 The notion of a Debt-free British Columbia — hard to imagine when you’ve seen $135-billion increase in debt and contractual obligations under the B.C. Liberal watch. But somehow, in the fantasy world of the B.C. Liberals, you can make the assertion that we will be debt-free; you just don’t have to realize it.

It’s these assertions of reality that, I think, have most British Columbians perplexed. You say we’re going to be debt-free, yet the prospect of that is not even remotely on the horizon. You say we’re going to be the most (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s new anti-Trudeau ad is hilarious and mediocre

The Harper Conservatives’ latest 2015 federal election attack ad targeting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau ignores Canadians’ appetite for regime change.

The post Harper’s new anti-Trudeau ad is hilarious and mediocre appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Community-led rallies taking place in Ottawa and across Canada on Saturday as Senate prepares for crucial final vote on Bill C-51


Canadians will converge on Ottawa from across the country to protest the reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible legislation about to be voted on by the Senate

May 29, 2015 – Community-organized events are taking place across Canada on Saturday, as the Senate prepares to take its final vote on the government’s controversial and unpopular Bill C-51. The rallies take place following a months-long campaign that has seen over 230,000 people sign the petition, with tens of thousands also taking action by emailing and tweeting at Senators and MPs, and writing letters in newspapers across the country.

(Read more…) Dozens of community events are taking place across Canada this Saturday May 30 to #RejectFear and #StopC51

Just a few days before the final vote on Bill C-51, everyday Canadians want to take a stand against this reckless, dangerous and ineffective bill. That’s why dozens of community-organized events are taking place across Canada tomorrow (Saturday), in the third round of nationwide protests.

They range from rallies taking place in a number of major cities, to smaller outreach events and petition drives. Many of these are planned as intimate local events, as Canadians reach out to their neighbours and local communities to warn them about how this legislation will affect our everyday lives.

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Montreal Simon: Omar Khadr and the Monster Stephen Harper

Of all the Canadians Stephen Harper has muzzled during his reign of terror nobody was muzzled more than Omar Khadr.For years Harper prevented the media from meeting with him, hearing about his ordeal, or even taking his picture. So he could portray Khadr as a monster.And since I have never defended anyone as long and as strongly as I have that child soldier, you can imagine how I feel to see him ride free at last.

And hear him tell his story in his own words. Read more »

The Common Sense Canadian: How Alberta NDP can get r done with green energy…seriously

Alberta Prermier Rachel Notley (Alberta NDP/facebook)

In her speech on election night, Rachel Notley spoke of her ambition to diversify the economy of Alberta – including the energy sector – and partner with the energy industry and federal government for a national strategy on the environment. Is all this possible? The answer is a resounding yes! Alberta could actually reduce emissions

First, the theoretical wind power production potential of Alberta is equivalent to all the electrical production needs of every province West of Québec.

Second, the potential for wind power to reduce Alberta’s emissions is especially significant in that fossil fuels represent (Read more…)

DeSmogBlog: The Forgotten Electricity that Could Eliminate Need for Site C Dam

Attachment Size C500.T8TA to Bennett,1214.pdf 13.83 MB

On January 17, 1961, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and United States President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Columbia River Treaty.

It was a landmark agreement that required Canada to build three dams to aid in U.S. flood protection and power generation. In exchange for taking on the impacts of these water storage projects, Canada was paid $64 million for 60 years of flood control benefits.

Canada also received an entitlement to one-half of the estimated additional hydroelectric generation capability at power plants on the Columbia River in the United States made (Read more…)

The Moncton Times@Transcript - Good and Bad: May 28: The bottom of the pit? Probably not.

There is only one item worth noting in today’s news section A. It’s an error in the front page headline.“Involve students in dress code talks, says teachers association.” Did you spot it?  Teachersshould have an apostrophe because the association belongs to the teachers. Thus, it should be teachers’ association.

It’s not a small matter. This sort of thing is common in the Irving press. I know I make such errors too; but I don’t have a staff of editors and sub-editors and proof-readers.  In fairness, it’s possible that the Irving press doesn’t have such a staff, either. (Read more…) Cellphone Freedom Day! On June 3 you’ll be able to end your 3-year-contract for free

Starting June 3, three year contracts which have run or 24 months or more can be cancelled without any penalties. Together, we helped make this code of conduct happen by developing our crowdsourced action plan for the future of our wireless market.

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Scripturient: Two New Posts on the Municipal Machiavelli

I added two posts today to my blog about Niccolo Machiavelli, the 16th century political philosopher. These are: Machiavelli: The Graphic Novel – a short piece about the recent publication of Don MacDonald’s exciting new graphic book. and Atheist Machiavelli? A longer piece on the debate about whether Machiavelli was atheist, pagan or Christian. Enjoy! […]

Politics and its Discontents: This From Adbusters


Recommend this Post Urgent: Saturday

The fight to stop reckless Bill C-51 has reached a crucial stage: the final vote in the Senate is expected within days.

A number of senators have spoken out against Bill C-51 over the past week, including B.C. Senator Mobina Jaffer who said on local radio that “this bill will not keep us safe, but is just a rhetoric that will divide us”.1

A growing number are saying that they will vote against it – but most have remained silent.2 This Saturday, grassroots rallies are taking place across Canada, including a National Convergence to Stop (Read more…)

Recreating Eden: The Morning after…

Time to get back to writing and ranting: last night my novel River Music was officially launched.  It’s now available at good bookstores, and on line in Kobo and Kindle format from and Chapters-Indigo.

DeSmogBlog: Wildfires Rage Near Oilsands Operations, Raising Climate Questions

Forest fires covering 8,200 hectares of land in northern Alberta continue to burn out of control, spurred on by extremely dry conditions and unseasonably warm temperatures. The fires have forced the evacuation of hundreds of oilsands workers, the irony of which is not being lost on many (just check out the reactions to this CBC article).

“Climate change during the 21st century is expected to result in more frequent fires in many boreal forests, with severe environmental and economic consequences,” said a 2014 Natural Resources Canada post

About 10 per cent of Canada’s oil output — amounting to (Read more…)

CuriosityCat: Ranked ballots in 2018: Democracy is coming to Canada!

Politician with Courage

And not a moment too soon! The Liberal Party government of the province of Ontario deserves the congratulations of every Canadian for their bold step in dragging democracy into the 21st century with this step:

The provincial government will change the Municipal Elections Act to allow cities to adopt ranked-ballot voting by 2018.

The announcement, made Thursday morning by Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ted McMeekin, was the central focus of a current review of the elections act, which will also look at campaign finance rules and enforcement of those rules.

Cities will not be (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Ambitious Effort to Map Future of Canadian Progressive Movements Falls Short

Alan Sears’s Next New Left presents a unique analysis of the past, current and possible future Left, post social democracy. There are thoughtful and constructive components here, but there are also profound weaknesses. It comes out of a post- Trotskyist political milieu centred on organizing on campuses, around identity-centred issues and struggles and marginalized workers, set apart from unions, mainstream political parties and engaging with the state.

A central concept in the book is “infrastructure of dissent,” a phrase Sears, a sociology professor at Ryerson University, developed and popularized. It covers a number of disparate but related concepts: centres/networks of (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Polluted People

In 1935 the DuPont Corporation ran an ad campaign under the slogan “Better Things for Better Living… Through Chemistry.” Many of the vast number of synthetic chemicals introduced by industry and agriculture during the ensuing hundred years have indisputably made life far more comfortable for a considerable fragment of the world’s population. Although the origins of the discipline of toxicology date back to antiquity, little thought was given during the first half of the 20th century to the downside of the gathering tide of anthropogenic chemicals in which our world is now awash. The cumulative effects of chemical exposure (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Gaming for Equality: Komma Lika Finds a Friendly Way to Raise Awareness at Home

Photo from

Everybody wants the revolution, but nobody wants to do the dishes … or the laundry … or the grocery shopping … or take out the trash. Specifically, women disproportionally perform the majority of domestic labour in contemporary households. That is why Swedish feminist Maria Loohufvud invented the new game Komma Lika: to find a fun yet concrete way to demonstrate the persistent unequal division of domestic labour with the aim of changing it.

Komma Lika is easy to play. Each time a family member (children included) completes a household task, that person receives a certain number (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: First Nations in the Crosshairs

Graphic from VHS jacket for the film Blockade: Algonquins Defend the Forest (1991). Written and directed by Boyce Richardson, the film recounts the struggle of Barrier Lake Algonquins to defend their land against clear-cut logging.

The Harper government’s agenda of aggressively expanding and accelerating resource extraction projects has identified Indigenous Peoples as the primary obstacle to this vision. As a result, since 2006, the Canadian state has intensified surveillance of Indigenous people, groups, and peaceful political action. This surveillance is carried out by a web of police, intelligence agencies, government bureaucracies, regulators and private corporations. While Indigenous self-determination struggles are (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Israel-Palestine: It’s Time to Abandon the Two-State Solution

Jeff Halper. Posted on

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is currently in a process of collapse.

So says Jeff Halper, an American-born anthropologist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, co-founder and director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). Speaking in 12 Canadian cities from January 17 to February 13 as part of his fundraising tour, Halper explained the conflict in Israel- Palestine and where it’s headed.

For decades, Halper has been advocating for the human rights of Palestinians and resisting Israel’s policies of dispossession in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through ICAHD. An activist, writer and commentator, he’s known for coining (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: Dissenting Big Time: E.P. Thompson, C. Wright Mills and Making the First New Left All That’s L

E.P Thompson and the Making of the New Left: Essays & Polemics. Edited by Ca Winslow. Monthly Review Press, 2014

E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left: Essays & Polemics

Edited by Cal Winslow

Monthly Review Press, 2014

Taking It Big: C. Wright Mills and the Making of Political Intellectuals

Stanley Aronowitz

Columbia University Press, 2012

Few figures loom larger in the making of the first, late 1950s, New Left than E.P. Thompson and C. Wright Mills. Both were big. Both fit uneasily, to say the least, in the company of any established intelligentsia.

In (Read more…)

Alberta Politics: Is anyone seriously surprised Alberta’s books might be in worse shape that we were told?

PHOTOS: Uh-oh! Newly appointed NDP chiefs of staff start to check the books left by the now-departed Prentice Government, and they don’t like what they’re finding. Actual government political staffers may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Finance Minister Joe Ceci and Provincial Gadfly Joe Anglin. Can anyone honestly say they were surprised to hear […]

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The Canadian Progressive: Canadian law experts applaud Tsleil-Waututh Nation snub of Kinder Morgan pipeline

Several Canadian law experts released this statement applauding the Tsleil-Waututh Nation’s snub of Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker expansion proposal

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