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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Where Saskatchewan Comes To Count

Saskatchewan’s lovable radio host asks: “What are you thinking and feeling about 1) our Canada today b) yesterday on the “Hill” and c) the cowardice and evil in our midst. Is Canada different today? How do we deal with terrorism and radicals?”

1) Worried the attack will be used as an excuse to make it harder to visit our public buildings. b?) You mean 2)? c) OK, we’ll stick with letters now. The cowardice and evil is refusing to deal with our fossil fuel additions, and going to war to secure a source in the Middle East. How (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: The People of Canada Will Not Be Intimidated by Terrorists. Only the Government Gets to Do That.

Sideshow Steve Harper, his hairdo blessedly intact following yesterday’s shooting in Ottawa, has vowed that the Canadian people will not be intimidated by the killings of two Canadian soldiers this week.

They will, however, continue to be intimidated by the CRA Tax Stasi and by the Canadian Petroleum Security and Control Agency.

Mr. Harper stressed that, while he’s not pointing fingers, yesterday’s events were a clear warning of the dangers posed to Canadians by First Nations and environmentalists lurking in muted opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline. Harper vowed that Canada would redouble its efforts to identify, monitor and track (Read more…)

DeSmogBlog: Uncertainty Over Tax Credits Causing Turmoil In Renewable Energy Sector

Uncertainty over the future of the wind production tax credit and the solar investment tax credit—and Congressional inaction on both matters—could pose a serious challenge to development in the renewable energy sector.

Wind energy had a huge year in 2012, with 13,128 megawatts (MW) of new wind capacity installed, but has failed to get anywhere close to matching that number since. The fact that the wind production tax credit (PTC) expired last year might have something to do with that.

Wind energy developers only need to have made minor investments by the 2013 deadline to (Read more…) Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, October 23, 2014

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BCE faces off with Rogers over NHL GamePlus mobile app offerings – Globe and Mail Rogers CEO comes out swinging at ‘cry baby’ BCE over app dispute – Globe and Mail Rogers Q3 profits slide, but revenue rises on higher data usage – Mobile Syrup A Prime Example of Misleading Fees and ‘Cable Bill Bloat’ – DSLReports Under the Radar: NSA’s Efforts to Secure Private-Sector Telecommunications Infrastructure – Journal of National Security Law & Policy Pro-Privacy Senator Wyden on Fighting the NSA From Inside the System – WIRED Video: Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden – (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Ottawa Shooting: NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s Speech

Here’s NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s address to the nation following the fatal shootings at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday.

The post Ottawa Shooting: NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s Speech appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Bene Diction Blogs On: The Ottawa/Parliament Hill shootings

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Following yesterday’s shootings in Ottawa, I thought creating a thread might be helpful. Discuss in the comments.

And pray offline. Thank you.

DeSmogBlog: Methane Leaks Wipe Out Any Climate Benefit Of Fracking, Satellite Observations Confirm

This is a guest post by Joe Romm, republished with permission from the original on Climate Progress.

Satellite observations of huge oil and gas basins in East Texas and North Dakota confirm staggering 9 and 10 percent leakage rates of heat-trapping methane. “In conclusion,” researchers write, “at the current methane loss rates, a net climate benefit on all time frames owing to tapping unconventional resources in the analyzed tight formations is unlikely.”

In short, fracking speeds up human-caused climate change, thanks to methane leaks alone. Remember, natural gas is mostly methane, (CH4), a super-potent greenhouse gas, (Read more…)

Blunt Objects Blog: Man down

Teddy here. Those who know me in person know I can, at times, attract a comedy of errors.

At about 2am today, my computer broke. While trying to fix it, I unplugged the router. Being unable to fix it, I got frustrated and went to bed. When I woke up, I found that the router was still unplugged, and thus, all the login information for my ISP had been deleted. Normally this is not a big problem, but, all that info is on the broken computer, and, since I used VoIP, I can’t even call them.

Long story short, I (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: CKNW-Former BC Premier calls for a frank discussion of Canadian values

Former BC NDP Premier Ujjal Dosanjh

A former BC Premier says Wednesday’s terror attack in Ottawa is another sign of Canada losing the war on values.

Ujjal Dosanjh says it is time to forget being politically correct and have a frank discussion about our youth being radicalized.

“I think it has start in our schools. It has to start with every political and public leader being conscious of these issues and not pandering for votes and not being politically correct and I think that we need to speak to our children at home and we need to speak to our (Read more…)

Wise Law Blog: 140 Law – Legal Headlines for Thursday, October 23, 2014

Here are the leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter for Thursday, October 23, 2014: Slava Voynov’s lawyer says Kings defenceman ‘never hit the woman’ – Toronto Sun  Toronto lawyer to be sentenced for fraud | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun Parliament Hill sergeant-at-arms hailed as hero in Ottawa  Doug Ford calls Toronto Star reporter a ‘little bitch’ What Law Schools Are Doing To Change Legal Education. Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII As fewer law grads become lawyers, the profession shows its age Next phase of anti-spam law targets software Risk of hack attacks on heart (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Wise Law Blog: 140 Law – Legal Headlines for Thursday, October 23, 2014

Babel-on-the-Bay: Discrimination in municipal voting.

You know you are a second-class citizen in Ontario if you are a tenant and have moved since last time you voted in a municipal election. The municipal people across Ontario explain it simply: if you are a tenant, you are responsible to register to vote. If you are a real property owner, you are on the tax rolls and you are automatically on the voters’ list.

This situation is hardly an improvement over the time when the federal and provincial electoral officers hired enumerators before each election to create the voters’ lists. Even the city was enumerated by the (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Thank you, Winnipeg

Politics and its Discontents: Thursday Morning

H/t Toronto Star

The events of yesterday were undeniably tragic. A young man, Nathan Cirillo, died. As I noticed on a Facebook posting by my cousin’s wife, Nathan was a friend of their son with whom he played organized hockey. Six degrees of separation and all that, I guess.

Nonetheless, I have to confess that when I heard the news on CBC radio, my first thoughts were twofold: how these events could work to Harper’s electoral advantage (I could immediately envisage the attack ads juxtaposing Harper’s “strong leadership and stand against terrorism” against Trudeau’s talk about searching for the “root (Read more…)

Things Are Good: A Green Office is a Productive Office

Workplaces aren’t associated with fun, but there are certain designs of places that can make places more enjoyable. It turns out that buildings designed with sustainability in mind tend to be a better, more productive place to work. You should convince your boss that you should move to a green building.

Until that happens here’s a solution that you can put into action rather quickly:


Windows also help by providing views–something that’s especially helpful if you’re looking at nature. Looking at trees or a park is proven to (Read more…)

DeSmogBlog: Rail Industry Fights Speed Limits, Brake Regulation in Quest for Profits

Earlier this month Hunter Harrison, the CEO of Canadian Pacific told the Globe and Mail that he thought regulators have “overreacted” to the oil-by-rail disaster in Lac-Megantic that killed 47 people.

“Lac-Mégantic happened, in my view, because of one person’s behaviour, if I read the file right,” Harrison said.

As detailed by DeSmogBlog, he didn’t read the file right. The accident was directly related to lack of regulation and the railroads putting profits before safety.

Harrison’s choice of words echoed those of American Petroleum Institute CEO Jack Gerard commenting on the new proposed oil-by-rail regulations when he stated: “Overreacting creates (Read more…)

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: Crito: Doing What’s Right

In his dialogue, Crito, Plato has Socrates gently admonish his friend, Crito, for his concern over what the uneducated public might think, or might spread by rumour and gossip, and encourages him instead to focus his attention on those ‘reasonable people’ who know the facts and in doing what is right: “Why, my dear Crito, should we pay […]

Dead Wild Roses: Thug Kitchen – Healthier Living for Everyone

The following post has a higher than usual amount of profanity (for DWR, anyway). You have been warned.

Eating right is hard. Eating horribly wrong is so very easy. Are we all doomed to clogged arteries, pickled livers, and malnourished obese children? No! Thug Kitchen is here to save us all! What started as an awesome blog is now a cookbook with it’s own trailer!

What makes Thug Kitchen so special? There are lots of health cook books out there, but you may have noticed a slightly unusual tone in the trailer. From the Thug Kitchen FAQ section:

[Thug (Read more…)



Radix, the Latin word for root, is the origin of the word radical. In contemporary political philosophy, the term describes activists who challenge established views and who operate outside the parameters of social convention to achieve political aims, sometimes employing extreme or violent methods in that pursuit.The concept of political radicalism evolved out of the language and logic of the scientific revolution when educated intellectuals began to view the world in scientific, secular terms. It gained popularity during the Enlightenment as social theorists employed the new method of critical thinking to challenge (Read more…)



Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is already calling the Ottawa shooting a false flag operation by the police, for Alex everything is a false flag of course It isn’t, but neither is it a terrorist act like Harper likes to claim. Firstly we have no knowledge of why this incident occurred and to jump to conclusions, like how many shooters there were, is speculation that almost always turns out to be untrue.

There was only one shooter, though for most of the days coverage on Canadian cablenews channels,  it was not clear if there was only one person or (Read more…)

Wise Law Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Mobile Road Warrior

Today is the OBA TECHxpo at Toronto.

 My good friend Bob Tarantino and I will be presenting “The Ultimate Guide to Being a Mobile Road Warrior:” With the right tools you can work on anything, anywhere, anytime. Come to this session to learn how. • Take your office with you • Tablet versus smartphone • iPhone vs Blackberry vs Android • Essential gear and gadgets • Tips for surviving on the road

I’m expecting a lively discussion on iPhones, similar wannabe devices, and the tools lawyers can use most effectively when working away from the office.

The full programme agenda (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Assault on Democracy: When Fear is the Enemy

It was for me strangely enough, the most terrifying moment of a nightmarish day. Standing in a crowded subway station, waiting for a train to take me home, watching the fear on people's faces.It was only a few hours after most of them must have heard about, or seen what had happened on Parliament Hill.So I can understand why they were so deathly quiet. Many were probably still stunned by what they had seen. Or the idea that it could happen here. Read more »

Warren Kinsella: In Friday’s Sun: “we are never going to let this happen again”


That’s what he said: it caught them by surprise.

That’s what RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud actually said at a shambles of a press conference on Wednesday, looking feckless and useless: the attack on Parliament Hill – the murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo – “caught us by surprise.”

It caught them by surprise, despite the fact that the killer – a nobody, a pathetic loser who does not now deserve the buckets of ink being spilled about him – had previously been prevented from obtaining a Canadian passport, because federal officials regarded him as a potential terrorist.

It (Read more…)

Northern Insight / Perceptivity: "…A lot more electricity being needed."

British Columbians are fortunate to be guided by wise and experienced leaders, people able to analyze events and foresee the future in ways that more practised experts cannot. One of my favourites is Bill Bennett, a man particularly qualified to make decisions on how the public ought to spend tens of billions of dollars.

Bennett gained expertise and honed business acumen as an entrepreneur involved in fishing camps and a goose-hunting lodge on Hudson Bay. Despite potential conflicts, he maintained a financial connection to wilderness tourism even after beginning a career in politics. Reporter Larry Pynn provided detail in Bill (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: At the going down of the sun, and in the morning… #nlpoli


We will remember them.



Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent








  Corporal Nathan Cirillo










Controversial Churchill Square smoking ban approved Lighting up in Sir Winston Churchill Square will soon be illegal after council approved a motion on Wednesday for a full smoking ban on the outdoor space. CBC.CA


No Safe Place: How Cities Are Making it Illegal to Be Homeless | Laws criminalizing sitting, sleeping, lying down and… (Read more…) . . . → Read More: LA REVUE GAUCHE – Left Comment: CHURCHILL SQUARE SMOKING BAN