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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Your Ward News Being Investigated

When you publish articles on a blog such as this and cover the content that we do, you walk a fine line. You try to expose violent racist and make the public aware of the potential dangers of organized racist groups. You have a little fun pointing out how ridiculous the individuals are who exist in this subculture, and we've been pretty good at ridicule. However, you try not to give them more publicity than they warrant since many of them thrive on the attention.

If truth be told, we've often failed to be as conscientious as we probably should (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Irish Referendum and the Lessons for Canadian Progressives

Now that the referendum in Ireland is over, and the great battle won, I want to tell you about something I learned from that campaign, that I believe can help progressives win the next election.And that is the way the Yes side motivated and mobilized young voters.And how they used social media to maximum effect to get their message out.Read more »

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The Inexpensive Computer Comes With Expensive Shipping Option Only

When I read about the $9 computer on Crash Bang Labs’ Facebook page, I was ready to help kick start that CHIP. But I got to the payment screen when the shipping amount came up. How much could it cost I’d thought to ship a computer smaller than a couple of AA batteries? I braced myself for an exorbitant $5. If I was American, I’d have that somewhat greedy option. No, the over-popular CHIP computer (shipping next year) comes to Canada and most of the world for $20US (19% more than CAD right now)! It’s literally twice as expensive to (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: CVAF Can Visualize Angry Flames

It was the Cathedral Village Arts Festival today, a crowded street fair down 13th Avenue in Regina. It was hot, and it didn’t rain (like it does many years). I saw tons of people I knew, and many stopped by to talk at the Regina Car Share Co-op booth where I was volunteering. One of the police officers who gave me CPR walked by, so I obviously introduced him to the person I was talking to, and they shook his hand and thanked him for his service.

Slightly related to the sunny day… my solar panels have had near perfect (Read more…)

Parchment in the Fire: The strikes sweeping Germany are here to stay | Wolfgang Streeck | Comment is free | The Guardian

The strikes sweeping Germany are here to stay | Wolfgang Streeck | Comment is free | The Guardian.

German strikes once seemed like German jokes: a contradiction in terms. But no more: this year, Europe’s largest economy is on course to set a new record for industrial action, with everyone from train drivers, kindergarten and nursery teachers and post office workers staging walkouts recently. The strike wave is more than a conjunctural blip: it is another facet of the inexorable disintegration of what used to be the “German model”.

Good economic conditions play a part, but unions (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Saturday Evening Links

This and that for your Saturday reading.

- Keith Banting and John Myles note that income inequality should be a major theme in Canada’s federal election. And Karl Nerenberg points out that voters will have every reason to vote for their values, rather than having any reason to buy failed strategic voting arguments.

- PressProgress charts the devastating effect of precarious employment in Canada. And Wayne Lewchuk writes about the precarity penalty, and the need for public policy to catch up to the reality facing workers: Uncertain future employment prospects can increase anxiety at home.  Lack of benefits can (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: Finally, a voice Harper may listen to

A carbon tax is an eminently fair and sensible approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And big oil agrees. At least Steve Williams, CEO of Canada’s largest oil and gas producer, Suncor Energy, does. Speaking to a downtown Calgary crowd on Friday, Williams stated, “We think climate change is happening. We think a broad-based carbon price is the right answer.”

He emphasized the “

Montreal Simon: It’s a Great Day to be Irish

It's a great day to be Irish. A great day for human equality, a day when love defeated hate. Ireland became the first country in the world to adopt same-sex marriage by popular vote as 62 per cent of the electorate backed a referendum, official results showed on Saturday.Somewhere the spirit of its gentle poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, who was broken by bigotry, must be smiling.As are so many gay people…Read more »

Warren Kinsella: The sky over Dublin

Photo (and apparently untouched) by @karltims. 


The Moncton Times@Transcript - Good and Bad: May 23: Fireman thanked for saving dog..

…..Yes, it’s a heart-warming story. But it is not a front page, lead story in a serious newspaper. It is, however, a striking example of how the Irving press uses a newspaper to keep people’s minds on triviality.

A3 has the Brunswick News patting itself on the back for winning two national newspaper awards. One is the justly famous photo of Justin Bourque taken by Vicktor Pivovarov. There is no mention that the Irving press soon after this fired Pivovarov along with other photographers in order to save money and boost profits. James C. Irving, vice-president of Brunswick News, the (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: The greatest lawyer’s letter ever written

Right here. And it’s real. 

What a genius. 

The Common Sense Canadian: Alexandra Morton explains her court win over salmon farm industry

Independent biologist Alexandra Morton explains her recent federal court victory over the salmon farming industry. The ruling prohibits salmon farmers from transferring diseased smolts to their open net pen operations – which could severely impact their financial health and limit their growth potential.

Morton spoke to The Common Sense Canadian’s Damien Gillis via google video hangout from Sointula, BC.

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The Disaffected Lib: Just Stopped By to Say "Hi"

I haven’t posted anything lately and it’s been a welcome respite one that may continue save for the occasional interruption.  I’d like to explain what this is about.

Not much has changed, save for the suspension of these posts.  I still devour the online newspapers, my favourite magazines, think tank web sites and so on.  I’m still churning through online courses – war studies, global food security, over-consumption and population challenges, foreign policy, environmental decline, stuff like that.

I just don’t know what there is to say about a world coming apart at the seams; societies and governments increasingly detached (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: When You’ve Lost The Prison Guards…

…or at least their union….well. I don’t know what happens.  But this surely can’t be good news for the Harper gov.:

KITCHENER, ON, May 22, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ – Dozens of correctional officers working in Ontario penitentiaries who are affiliated with the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers (UCCO-SACC-CSN) will be going door to door in the riding of Kitchener-Centre on Saturday, May 23, to urge voters not to support the Conservative Party of Canada in the next election. 

My favorite bit:

“The Conservative government claims it’s tough on crime. This tough on crime agenda is nothing but (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: On Privilege

I saw Chris Hedges speak again at the Tommy Douglas Institute / Community Worker Program followed by smaller discussion groups.  I was so pleased that he doesn’t have a set speech for each book launch and that I was treated to an entirely different set of stories than the week previous.

Here’s just a bit on the smaller discussion group that followed his speech.

I spent a 30-minute break deliberating which topic to choose out of eight possible offerings.  One was on Aboriginal Perspectives, and I’m teaching Native Studies next year, so I was leaning that way, but then I (Read more…)

Northern Insights: Gordon Campbell making history

First published in December, 2009 History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.- Edward Gibbon, English historian of Rome (1737 – 1794)

Doug McArthur at SFU’s Public Policy School cast his eye on one of British Columbia’s crime scenes: I have suggested that since this whole system essentially involves a non-earned transfer of billions of dollars from BC citizens to private power producers, and that this result is perfectly obvious to anyone who takes the time to follow the money, the whole arrangement is essentially corrupt. The fact that the whole (Read more…)

Blevkog: “It’s real – get over it”

So says ipolitics (pay wall), referring to the NDP surge that was confirmed this week by polls released by EKOS and by other groups. They go on to demonstrate that, while NDP numbers jumped dramatically with the recent Alberta provincial election results, the upsurge really began as early as February. What this graph (shown below) also […]

Politics and its Discontents: Is it Critical Thinking Or Political Bias? – Part One

I have written about the virtues of critical thinking many times on this blog, and I have also frequently observed the difficulty of achieving it; without question, I regularly fall short of the ideal. One of the impediments to such thinking is the task of separating one’s biases from the process, or at the very least recognizing those biases in assessing people and situations.

Take Stephen Harper, for example. Few would dispute that his propensity for exerting control and influence is massive. His contempt of Parliament, the judiciary, and all those who oppose his views and agenda requires no recounting (Read more…)

Queer-liberal: Hurray! Ireland votes ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage

Counting is ongoing, but reportedly both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides in the Irish debate are now declaring the pro-equality side has won the referendum in Ireland to legalize same-sex marriage in the country. 

What a great result!   A great day for equality and inclusion in this world!   Those who despair at the hatred and lack of understanding in the world can look to this result and take comfort, I say.

For more news on this, check out the BBC website story above or the CBC‘s coverage.

Babel-on-the-Bay: Butter the edges, the middle will look after itself.

It is one of those old adages that you might have heard once or twice in grandma’s kitchen. We probably heard it wrong as research turns up no reference. It is just the simple idea that if you butter the edges of your slice of bread, you will find the middle has been buttered also. The thought has been nagging at us for some time as Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau keeps talking about Canada’s middle class.

The problem is that we have no idea of the size of this middle class or how it is defined. Is this a financial (Read more…)

Northern Reflections: Have The RCMP Become Politicized?


On Tuesday, the RCMP  announced that it had arrested ten young Montrealers who were off to join the jihadist hordes in the Middle East. And, almost immediately, Stephen Harper flew to Quebec to remind nous autres that his government was tough on jihadists. Interestingly enough, almost as soon as the Mounties arrested the youngsters, they let the kids go.

Which raises the question, is there a political alliance between the RCMP and (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why Stephen Harper’s Great Con Debate Scam Could Backfire Badly

Well now we've heard it from the horse's mouth, or the horse's ass, or the scary puppet Stephen Harper himself. He will NOT take part in the biggest of the political leader debates.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated Friday he will not take part in a national English debate that would be broadcast by the major TV networks.He will not say why he would boycott a debate that is watched by more Canadians than any other. But he will try to suggest that this democratic demolition derby isn't really his idea. Read more »

Parchment in the Fire: Syriza’s Communist Faction call for rupture

Originally posted on The Greek Analyst:

The Communist Faction of SYRIZA has initiated a signature-collecting campaign among the many members of the party. In a text to be submitted in the Central Committee of the party on the upcoming weekend (23-24 May) – in the form of a referendum – the Communist Faction is asking from the SYRIZA-led government to “stop paying the lenders-blackmailers” and to “implement the true popular mandate” on which SYRIZA campaigned, and eventually got elected.

Below, you can find a translated version of the text, that has been already signed by 150 members of SYRIZA. (Read more…)

Alberta Politics: Was Lake of Fire 2.0, the 2015 edition, averted by an incompetent Tory war room?

PHOTOS: Former premier Jim Prentice, left, asks a member of his opposition research and strategy team what the heck went wrong on May 5. Actual Alberta politicians and their flunkies may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: Pastor Allan Hunsperger, whose blog post ignited Lake of Fire 1.0; Deborah Drever, whose tasteless social media posts […]

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Dead Wild Roses: Caturday: Can you find the Kitteh?

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