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Queer-liberal: Peel school board’s courageous stance against ignorance, bigotry and discrimination

In the face of very ignorant protests from parents and religious groups who want kids to grow up in a learning environment where LGBT people don’t exist, this is a breath of fresh air. “Parents can remove their kids from sex-ed classes for religious reasons, but any requests for students to opt-out of learning about gay families or diverse gender identities won’t be tolerated, says the director of Ontario’s second largest school board — one that expects to be hard hit by protests over the new health curriculum.” 

“We cannot — we will not — by action or (Read more…)

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: Playing Football With Domestic Violence Gives No One a Victory Dance

Yesterday we heard that the NDP were accusing the Liberals of opposing their plan to end violence against women.  I have to admit that I was shocked.  This is so reminiscent of Conservative attacks over the years, that paint opponents as being soft on terror, soft on child pornography and not Pro-Israel enough.

They were always vile and disgusting.  But did we ever really think that the NDP would stoop to this level?

I admit that the Liberals should never have made this about money, but to suggest that this means that they oppose ending the violence against women, is (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: KCCCC Day 31: it’s the economy, duh


It’s the economy, stupid, per Carville. And the economy looks not so good, this morning. See assorted pundits here and here and here and here. Worrying news stories here and here and here and here and here. All that bad news has a political effect, eventually.  And, increasingly, it looks like the Conservatives’ principal political opponent may not be the NDP or the LPC – it may be day after day of bad economic headlines.  Does that all matter, though?Per the cliche, isn’t it true that only campaigns matter? Well, in recent years, a small but (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Life In Scarborough: Scarborough Monday Nights

Stuck waiting for my wife t’other night, I hung around the Markham/Eglinton bus stop. The parking lot of our local Metro turns into the neighborhood meeting spot after dark.  Guys toting Goodlife bags get on and off the bus in steady streams, coming and going from the nearby gym and saying hello to one another as they pass at the stop.  There’s a long bench against a big stone planter between the stop and the Beer Store where old Sri Lankan men gather on hot afternoons to drink tall-cans under  planted shrubs.  Now they have been joined by rough local (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: On reasonable responses

Let’s offer a quick reminder to the Libs’ spin machine, and particularly to the people who should know better who are choosing to echo it.

No party is under an obligation to reflexively attack or belittle everything another party proposes in its election platform.

If a platform plank or general principle raised during the campaign can’t reasonably be opposed, the appropriate response is to at least recognize that fact before trying to start spinning. And one Lib spokesperson roughly followed that course in addressing the NDP’s push to fund women’s shelters to ensure nobody in need of a safe place (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Some Compelling Reasons To Vote

H/t Memorial March for the Victims of Harperism

H/t David Suzuki Foundation

If anyone you know is not certain whether he or she is registered to vote, checking out one’s status is easy by a visit to Elections Canada Online.

Meanwhile, the truly disenfranchised are getting some help in Halifax through something called the Identification Clinic. The Identification Clinic is a volunteer group that aims to put IDs in the hands of the homeless and the disadvantaged.

One of the group’s founders, Darren Greer, found his first clients by walking up to people on the street, and asking if they (Read more…)

Northern Reflections: Time To Get Out Of The Box


The recession is here. It may be short and it may be shallow. But it underscores a simple message: Stephen Harper’s main claim to fame is hogwash. Tom Walkom writes:

Politically, the economy under Harper has experienced yet another recession undercuts his carefully crafted image as an economic manager.

On Tuesday, both Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party chief Tom Mulcair were quick to make that point. Both cited the (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Jim Stanford, Iglika Ivanova and David MacDonald each highlight how there’s far more to be concerned about in Canada’s economy beyond the GDP dip alone. Both Thomas Walkom and the Star’s editorial board write that it’s clear the Cons have nothing to offer when it comes to trying to improve on our current stagnation, while Balbulican notes that the Cons’ economic message amounts to little more than denial. And David Climenhaga calls out the laughable attempt by Alberta’s right wing to shield Stephen Harper from blame for a decade of failed federal (Read more…)

Babel-on-the-Bay: In a country run by a failed economist.

What is a political party to do when they find their leader has feet of clay? The mantra of the party was that having an economist running the party, it could survive economic turmoil. What they never considered was that their dear leader could be the cause.

While Prime Minister Stephen Harper defends himself by claiming other sectors are doing well, the fact is that the energy sector is significant but only one of the failing sectors of the Canadian economy. During his time at the helm, Canada has lost a huge swath of manufacturing from ketchup and corn flakes (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The New Recession and the Lies Stephen Harper Told Us

Well at least now we know why Stephen Harper was twisting himself into knot, or looking like he was auditioning for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, by refusing to even mention the dreaded 'R' word.So now that it's official, Canada is in a recession. He could continue to deny reality. Read more »

Dead Wild Roses: A Very Good Start – The Sorrows of Empire

The late Chalmers Johnson knew how to write a pithy introduction:

“American leaders now like to compare themselves to imperial Romans, even though they do not know much of Roman history. The main lesson the United States ought to be how the Roman Republic evolved into an empire, in the process destroying its system of elections for its two consuls (its chief executives), rendering the Roman senate impotent, ending forever the occasional popular assemblies and legislative comitia that were at the heart of republican life, and ushering in permanent military dictatorship. “

Yeah, first paragraph, first chapter. (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Omega Man #nlpoli

The word that comes to mind when you look at the new provincial Conservative party website or the site isn’t fresh, new, rebounding, or even trying.

It is “alone”.

You see lots of pictures of Paul Davis.

By himself.

(Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Wallin Affair: Stephen Harper Is Already Changing His Story

We still have to wait and see whether the Crown will lay charges against Pamela Wallin now that the RCMP has wrapped up its investigation.But already Stephen Harper is being asked questions about that other Senate scandal.And already, and as usual, he is changing his story. Read more »

Alberta Politics: Will Wildrose Leader Brian Jean repudiate his Calgary-Foothills candidate’s ‘communist’ characterization of the NDP?

PHOTOS: Part of the Wildrose Chinese-language brochure that compared the NDP to communists. Below: Wildrose Calgary-Foothills candidate Prasad Panda, former Tory education minister Thomas Lukaszuk, NDP candidate Bob Hawkesworth, former Wildrose House leader Rob Anderson and former Wildrose leader Paul Hinman. What words should we use to describe the Chinese-language brochure the Wildrose Party wrote […]

The post Will Wildrose Leader Brian Jean repudiate his Calgary-Foothills candidate’s ‘communist’ characterization of the NDP? appeared first on Alberta Politics.

Parchment in the Fire: Greek Elections: SYRIZA Keeps Bleeding as Party Youth Withdraw Support |

SYRIZA numbers keep dropping in opinion polls. The blows Alexis Tsipras is receiving keep coming from all directions, and they are really strong!

Source: Greek Elections: SYRIZA Keeps Bleeding as Party Youth Withdraw Support |

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Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective: Ezra Is Getting Good At Begging For Forgiveness: Part II

We're working on a few projects that are currently occupying our collective attention, but we thought we would provide an update on our previous post. To recap, Levant's "Rebel Media" ran a book review of Connie Fournier's book excoriating the Harper Conservatives. However, the review was pulled after Richard Warman complained of defamatory material that appeared in the review. In the end, no one is defamed, no one is sued, and all are happy. Right? Well…. not so much.

Read more »

The Decarie Report: September 1: The importance of fiction.

Damn. I spent hours on a long blog – and lost  it all. So this will deal with the same themes, but be much shorter.

Norbert Cunningham’s column today deserves a careful read and some serious thinking. It’s about what he calls national ‘fictions’. We live in a world of reality – hills, trees, sun. But we also, as societies, depend on things which depend on fiction. A piece of paper money, even of a thousand dollars – has no value in reality.  It’s just a piece of paper. But we make it into something important to us. National boundaries (Read more…)

Sudbury Steve May: Leadership Needed to Reverse Sixth Great Extinction

Late last month, the world went crazy when it came to light that Cecil the lion was shot by American dentist Walter Palmer. Cecil was the popular black-maned lion at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Palmer’s guide lured Cecil outside of Hwange’s protective borders and onto a neighbouring farm where Palmer first shot Cecil with a crossbow before finishing him with a rifle. Both the farmer and the guide have been charged by Zimbabwean officials for hunting lions without required permits. Palmer fled to the United States where he has been the subject of public ridicule (see: “Zimbabwe’s ‘iconic’ lion (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Tuesday Night Cat Blogging

Capped cats.

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: ‘GhostVolunteer’ and why its a Bad Idea

I happened upon a Facebook discussion that had ended up on my feed due to a friend commenting on it. The discussionwas on a script called ‘GhostVolunteer‘ that would automatically fill in the volunteer form on the Conservative Partywebsite with random data. The idea being to flood the site with legitimate-looking, but completely fake, volunteer offers.

Now there are a number of issues to discuss here. For starters I don’t know how the volunteer forms are dealt oncereceived so its an open question whether GhostVolunteer would even have an effect. Regardless of what you (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: The left’s hopes for Greece fade

This caricature of Alexis Tsipras was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo by Olaf Kosinsky available via Wikimedia. The body was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from Robert Scoble’s Flickr photostream.The background was from a Creative Commons licensed photo from Brian Jeffery Beggerly’s Flickr photostream.

The political left in Europe had high hopes when the left-wing party Syriza came into power in Greece at the beginning of the year with promises to stop austerity policies in that country. Even in South Africa, far from the Greek shores, Syriza’s election success sparked hope.

Many on the South (Read more…)

Canadian Dimension: The Age of Imperial Wars

U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class James Finnigan


2015 has become a year of living dangerously.

Wars are spreading across the globe. Wars are escalating as new countries are bombed and the old are ravaged with ever greater intensity.

Countries, where relatively peaceful changes had taken place through recent elections, are now on the verge of civil wars.

These are wars without victors, but plenty of losers; wars that don’t end; wars where imperial occupations are faced with prolonged resistance.

There are never-ending torrents of war refugees flooding across borders. Desperate people are detained, degraded and (Read more…)

Parchment in the Fire: After Syriza | by Stathis Kouvelakis

Source: After Syriza | Jacobin

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Cowichan Conversations: Steelhead LNG Roll Out Plans For A Pipeline Between Bamberton and Washington State

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

When Malahat Nation Chief Michael Harry announced that they had purchased the 526 acre Bamberton property there were hopes of some beneficial developments for the beleaguered Malahat people.

They have faired

Read more…

Things Are Good: Sucking Diesel Fuel From Thin Air

We’ve polluted so much that there are now companies that think there is profit to be made by sucking CO2 from the air. How they make money is by reselling the CO2 to make carbonation for soft drinks, or strangely, to make diesel fuel.

What a world!

German company Sunfire produced its first batches of so-called e-diesel in April. Federal Minister of Education and Research, Johanna Wanka, put a few litres in her car, to celebrate. And the Canadian company Carbon Engineering has just built a pilot plant to suck one to two tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air (Read more…)